Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fear Loves This Place...

Some years ago, before I started taking an interest in Photography I found this 'place' in a neighborhood in which i lived.

Walking on the sidewalk, I could see steps that led to an area that for some reason reminded me of an excavated archeology site. Much concrete and a few benches. Nothing too exciting. I then noticed there were stairs on either end of this concrete 'mess' leading downwards. I took a walk and peaked down the stairs. I immediately felt 'fear', chills ran up and down my spine. I started to walk away and head back up the stairs to the sidewalk above. I paused, and asked myself why am I so freaked out?.. I big strong 'he man'/'i'm all grows up'....Eureka, i got's it, this 'place' reminded me of 'It', by Stephen King. My childhood nemesis. I read 'It' when i was 12, this book so freaked me out, that i threw it in my parents fireplace. Burn 'Pennywise' Burn... What can i say, I had/have a very active imagination. Bad/Bad Stephen, scaring little boys. I took a breath and headed back and walked down the stairs. The stairs led to a small alcove. Neat i thought, ignoring the chills I started shooting this alcove. Five or so minutes go by and my music stops. Hmm weird I thought, I charged my Ipod before I left. Taking off my headphones, I hear a woman cough behind me! I am alone, there is NO ONE around me, I hear the cough again. "Yikes"

I have been sitting on this image for some time, I tried doing a couple of things but couldn't seem to get it right. I tried again today with positive results. 1. Adjusted exposure to darken the image. 2. Applied a black brush to remove a 'window' in the alcove 3. Used the clone tool to remove an artifact at the top of the steps. 3. Applied the image a couple of times to itself to bring out areas that were too dark. 4. Filter to add the white borders around the photo. 5. Adjusted curves so one could see the leaves on the steps, and bring out the red on the sides of the wall.

Scooby dooby doo where are you!